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The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a national leader in partnerships. Locations across central Florida serve the local communities and provide increased access to degree programs through 2+2 agreements and shared facilities. Students who attend classes at UCF Regional Campus locations may face a challenge or concern that requires assistance or intervention. This website was created to assist students with finding the right people and procedures to get their questions answered and their concerns resolved regarding a Regional Campus and/or a partnering institution that provides contracted services to a UCF Regional Campus.

Students are encouraged to pursue informal resolution to matters of concern whenever possible. In most cases, unless otherwise defined by university policy, this entails bringing the concern to the attention of the person or office where the concern arises. If dissatisfied with the response, the student may contact the appropriate area supervisor, director, department chair, or dean for resolution. Informal policies and procedures for addressing and resolving reported student concerns may vary based upon the nature of the complaint.

If a concern cannot be resolved through informal means, a student may file a formal written complaint in accordance with university procedures.

Click here to view the types of complaints and appeals that should be lodged following the procedures on the UCF Student Complaints and Appeals website.
Academic Appeals – Undergraduate
Academic Appeals – Graduate
Alleged Academic Misconduct
Alleged Discrimination Grievances
Alleged FERPA Violations
Alleged Sexual Violence or Harmful Behavior Perpetrated by a Student on a Student
Alleged Student Conduct Violations
Alleged Unprofessional Conduct or Misconduct by UCF Police Personnel
Complaints about UCF Health Center Privacy Practices or HIPPA Compliance
Computer Services and Telecommunication Concerns
Library and Information Resources Concerns
Learning Management System (Canvas) Functionality Concerns
Student Conduct Appeals
Student Fee Appeals
Student Financial Aid Appeals
Student of Concern (referrals for distressed students)

Click here to view procedures for filing a student complaint or appeal involving those issues listed above.

Student complaints and appeals about one of UCF’s Regional Campuses, partnering institutions, or a contracted service provider other than those listed above (i.e. alleged misconduct by a UCF or partner employee other than faculty, fitness centers, parking, safety and security, facilities/maintenance, bookstore, food service, or technology services controlled by the partnering institution), should be directed to a specific Regional Campus location. Students wishing to file a formal written complaint should send an email describing the concern to the appropriate campus liaison identified below with the subject line “Student Complaint.”

Click here for Regional Campus Liaison contact information.
UCF Altamonte Springs Pamela Williams-Gruen Assistant Director
UCF Cocoa Dr. Lauren Miller Director
UCF Daytona Beach Dr. Raphel Robinson Associate Director, Student Services.
UCF Leesburg Tanya Armstrong Director
UCF Ocala Tanya Armstrong Director
UCF Palm Bay Dr. Lauren Miller Director
UCF Sanford/Lake Mary Pamela Williams-Gruen Assistant Director
UCF South Lake Tanya Armstrong Director
UCF Valencia West Lisa Cruz Assistant Director
UCF Valencia Osceola Jim Smith Assistant Director