Direct Connect to UCF

Make the Connection

At any time, you can contact the DirectConnect to UCF coordinator or an academic advisor at the UCF campus of your choice. They can help you sign up for the program and build an educational plan that’s right for you, and make your transfer to UCF easy—and guaranteed.


Easy. Worry-Free. Guaranteed. If you’re a student at Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Valencia College or Seminole State College, admission to UCF is guaranteed when you sign up for DirectConnect to UCF.

The program helps you prepare for your bachelor’s degree program while attending your community or state college—and makes the transition to UCF smooth and worry-free.

Plus, the admissions process will be easier and faster, and you’ll enjoy small class sizes and personalized advising. You can start preparing to finish your bachelor’s degree while working on your associate’s degree.

How Do I DirectConnect to UCF?

Community College Students
Indicate your desire to DirectConnect to UCF at any time by contacting your community/state college or a UCF advisor at the campus of your choice. You can start right now by filling out the online DirectConnect to UCF interest form.

Students with an Associate’s Degree
Contact a UCF Regional Campuses advisor or admission representative and indicate that you want to DirectConnect to UCF.

High School Students
Graduate from high school and apply to one of the DirectConnect state colleges listed in the left margin of this page. Indicate on the application that you want to DirectConnect to UCF.

Note: Dual Enrolled Students (earning a high school diploma AND an Associate’s degree concurrently from a DirectConnect college) will be considered for admission at UCF as First Time in College (FTIC) students, as defined by the SUS Board of Governors Regulation . Students who DirectConnect to UCF in this manner should adhere to the UCF FTIC application deadlines and admission requirements .

DirectConnect to UCF vs. 2+2

The 2+2 program guarantees you admission to one of Florida’s 11 state universities, but not necessarily to one of your choice. When you DirectConnect to UCF, UCF and your community/state college team-up to guarantee your admission to UCF and start preparing you immediately to complete your bachelor’s degree.

What are the benefits of DirectConnect to UCF?

  • Guaranteed entry to UCF– Transfer Students graduating with A.A. or select A.S. degrees are guaranteed admission to UCF.*
  • Accelerated admissions to UCF – Provides smooth transition through the UCF admissions process, including orientation, transcripts, advising and financial aid.
  • Convenient locations – 9 UCF Regional Campuses located across Central Florida.
  • Enhanced academic advising – Students receive comprehensive on-site advising from both community/state college and UCF advisers.

*Consistent with community/state college and university policy. Limited access and restricted access programs may require an additional admission process.

Which locations have DirectConnect to UCF?

You can DirectConnect to UCF at any UCF campus, including 9 regional campus locations across Central Florida.

(Page last updated July 23, 2012)